Finding an Internship

Where to Start?
It is the student’s responsibility to find an internship, though the CIS department will assist students with this.  Here are some links to resources to help:
Student should start their internship search early.  Some summer internship are listed in the Fall, October – December, and are filled by Christmas break.  Others are listed in January – March and filled shortly after the Private College Job Fair, which is often a good place to look for internship in the Twin Cities.  At times there are last minute summer internships posted in April and May.  Internships during the school year are often posted in late August and September.
For Student going to Graduate School

If your plans include going to a research-based graduate program, you should consider completing an summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).  Summer research experience can be used to fulfill the CIS 4555 requirement.  Some lists of possible REUs:

For Working Adults 

If you are a working adult, your work and family obligations may prevent you from completing an temporary internship.  If this is the case you have some options.  Please discuss these with the Internship Coordinator.

  • Current position:  If your current work includes significant work related to computers/information technology, you may use your current position to satisfy the internship requirement.  You can register for the internship as normal or consider using the Prior Learning Assessment process.
  • Special project:  If your current job does not include computer/IT work, consider asking to be assigned a special project related to computers/IT.  Many employers will consider this.  It is also a good way to transition into the IT department, if that is you long term plan.
  • Community Service Internship: If you want more experience in the field, but you work hours prevent this, consider a community service internship where you volunteer to help an local organization with a computer project.  Many non-profits appreciate volunteers with computer experience.  Consider your local church, community service organization, or school organization.
  • Internship Waiver:  If you can not complete the internship because of work/family obligations and none of the above options will work, you may request an internship waiver.  If the internship is waived, you will be required to complete an additional 4 credits of upper level CIS course work to replace the internship credits.  To request a waiver, simply send an email to the internship coordinator, Brandon Olson, at and describe why you can not complete the internship and need a waiver.

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