CIS Internship Process

The CIS 4555 Systems Development Internship is a 1-credit requirement for the CIS major. Students enroll in the CIS 4555 course during the semester when they plan to work at the internship. Below are the steps for completing the internship requirement.

  1. Locate and apply for potential internships. Please note that almost all internships are paid internships.
    • If you work full-time in an IT-related position, please contact Dr. Tom Gibbons, the Internship Coordinator, to request a waiver for the internship requirement.
    • If you are a working adult working outside of the IT field, your work and family obligations may prevent you from completing a temporary internship.  If this is the case you have some options.  Please discuss these with Dr. Tom Gibbons the Internship Coordinator.
  2. Ensure the internship aligns with the CIS curriculum. This means there should be a significant amount of software development or business analysis. If you are unsure if the internship will qualify for the CIS 4555 requirement, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Gibbons, and provide the job description.
  3. If the internship is a good fit for the CIS degree, apply for the internship.
  4. Once an internship is secured, register for CIS 4555 during the semester when a majority of your internship will be completed.
    • Students can register for 1-16 credits of internship, but only 1 credit is required for the CIS major.
    • You may spread your internship over multiple semesters and enroll in credits each semester.
  5. Prior to beginning the internship, follow the Student Internship Instructions document to establish the internship in the Handshake system and request department approval.
    • The student must provide a job description and identify anticipated learning outcomes for the internship
  6. Once approved, complete the remaining steps as outlined in the Student Internship Instructions document.
  7. Work at the internship.  We expect students to work at least 150 hours for the internships. Students registering for more than 4 credits are expected to work 37.5 hours/credit.
  8. The student must complete a midpoint evaluation halfway through the internship.
  9. Both the student and the internship supervisor must complete a final evaluation at the conclusion of the internship.
  10. At the end of the semester, and once all evaluations are complete, the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Gibbons, assigns a Pass or Fail grade. If the evaluations are not completed or arrangements for an extension have not been granted, a grade of F is assigned.

Please contact Dr.  Gibbons if you have further questions.

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