CIS Internship Process

The CIS student is responsible for:

  • Registering for the course, CIS 4555.  Registration occurs in the semester where a majority of the internship will take place.   Students can register for 1-16 credits of internship, but 4 credits are required for the CIS major.
  • Find an organization willing to provide work experience.  Most internships are paid, though some are not.
  • The student must provide a job description, define learning outcomes for the internship, and have the internship approved by the faculty advisor.
  • Work at the internship.  We expect students to work 150 hours for each 4 credits or 37.5 hours/credit.
  • The student must complete a midpoint evaluation halfway through the internship.
  • Both the student and the internship supervisor must complete a final evaluation at the conclusion of the internship.
  • The faculty advisor assigns a Pass or Fail grade only after all reports are received. If the reports are not completed, a grade of F is assigned.


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