ARI Summer 2015 Internship

Position: Web Development Internship
Location: Duluth, MN
Pay: $10/ hr
ARI is looking for a web development internship to work with the following programs, software, and languages daily:
  • Photo shop
  • Sublime (text editor)
  • Repo browser
  • Sass
  • Compass (our compiler) for SASS files
  • Windows 7
  • Html
  • Css
  • Java scripts
  • Skpe business
  • Mircosoft outlook
Work websites in assigned pre-servers stages before they get uploaded to the live servers. Work with marine, power sports, tire, medical, and many more types of websites. ARI is currently in the development stages to going all responsive html5 for our sites.
How to Apply / Contact
Email resume to A’Lisa Paquet:
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