Software Engineer – Points North – Duluth

Software Engineer Opening

Position Description

Participate in lifecycle of application development through design, coding, testing, debugging, and documentation of web and client based applications. Perform requirements analysis when necessary along with completion of documentation, data analysis, and quality assurance tasks. Maintain open communication with management and development team about project status. Proactively identify challenges which may affect the scope, budget hours and or timeline and communicate to the lead developer. Submit resume and cover letter to


  • Design, develop, test, document, and manage software projects
  • Provide collaborative support to other software engineers
  • Develop applications according to requirements specifications
  • Follow established processes for developing and documenting work
  • Provide technical support services to clients as needed
  • Fully document code and participate in code reviews
  • Use source code control  on a daily basis
  • Keep time sheet updated daily and submit each week
  • Create and send status updates to the Lead Developer and Director of Sales and Marketing as directed
  • Participate in project status meetings as necessary


  • Ability to work effectively in both team and individual environments
  • Understanding of all aspects of a software development lifecycle
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and projects
  • Good understanding of design and implementation of both client and web software
  • Good judgment in proactively identifying issues and recommending solutions
  • Ability to prioritize projects and project requirements
  • Strong software application development background
  • Experience with Microsoft Office applications
  • Experience with .Net technology, data analysis, SQL Server, and C#
  • Technical degree or related work experience
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