Full-time entry-level IT Systems Specialist – NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE – Duluth


Position Title: IT Systems Specialist
Department: Information Technology (IT)
Reports to: Information Systems Manager
Status: Full Time
The job of IT Systems Specialist was established for the purpose/s of supporting and administering information database
systems; providing instruction and advice to system users; analyzing problems and issues related to the information
system software and other related software; coordinating usage among department system users; and providing
support to the Information Systems Manager, ensuring compliance with legal and administrative requirements.
This position provides support of all computer, phone and communication activities within the organization.  Maintain
computer mainframe systems, Personal Computer and network systems.
Develop new systems to streamline workflow.
Stay informed of new trends and technologies in computing by reading relevant
computer periodicals and attending seminars and/or schools.
Performs a full range of system administration functions for the purpose of controlling
systems and attaining maximum utilization and efficiency.
Evaluate and resolves user problems; identifies and obtains appropriate resources for the resolution of complex
problems; corrects routine problems by making minor repairs to computer equipment and/or entering specialized
commands or data into systems; contacts appropriate resources for additional assistance.
Instruct computer system users in the use of computer equipment and of computer applications; answer questions and
assists in resolving problems regarding the methods and procedures for using computer applications.
Coordinate installation of new hardware/software; installs, tests, and monitors the operation of computer hardware
and software; configure hardware and software to meet departments’ needs.
Evaluate needs for new and revised systems; identifies possible improvements in computer systems; makes
recommendations for purchase of new information systems hardware and software; negotiates with vendors for
services and products; oversees work of vendors.
Ability to perform multiple technical tasks with a need to periodically upgrade skills in order to meet changing job
conditions. Specific skill‐based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include:
operating standard office equipment including using pertinent software applications; preparing and maintaining
accurate records; and installing and testing system components, patches and upgrades

To apply see http://www.nbofc.com/employment.asp

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