Thomson Reuters – IT Internship – Summer 2012 – Eagan, MN


    EAGAN, MN, U.S.

    Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real world challenges at an international company.

    As a technology intern, you can get involved in the development, design and support of leading edge Web applications and online software, critical server features, evolving editorial systems, and more. Our dynamic environment offers opportunities to be involved in all phases of applications development including utilizing different programming languages, building and testing code, and working with leading edge technologies. Internships are located in Eagan, Minnesota.

    Gain valuable experience with these potential responsibilities:

    • Design and develop Web-based solutions for use by national and international customers.
    • Create and modify applications to provide vital system statistics to various parts of the technology organization.
    • Create custom Web interface designs and change Web site process.
    • Develop large content management systems including data repositories, Web-based data access and UI.
    • Write system requirements and maintenance documentation.
    • Test software in multiple phases of the development cycle for initiatives across multiple organizations.
    • Research current industry software tools and technologies.
    • Install operating system patches, system and software upgrades and hardware upgrades.
    • Conduct analysis and performance tuning of servers.
    • Design and maintain corporate networks.

    Apply to the Technology Internship


    We’re looking for:

    • Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline (at any stage).
    • Must be able to work independently and as part of a team on multiple overlapping projects.
    • Self-motivation and strong communication skills.
    • Analysis skills for coding, testing/troubleshooting and for building and configuring applications.

    Experience in one or more of these areas are desirable:

    • Operating Systems — Unix, Linux, Windows XP/2003/Vista, Solaris, AIX.
    • Databases — Oracle, UDB/DB2, SQL Server.
    • Applications, Platforms & Languages — .NET, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, C#, DHTML, XML, ASP.NET, XSLT, JSP, LINQ, JSF, ABAP, SAP, Silk Test, WebSphere, AJAX, SOAP & REST.
    • Network — Cisco, TCP/IP, firewalls, load balancers, VOIP.


    Apply Online.

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