Thomson Reuters – Business Teachnology Internship – Summer 2012 – Michigan



    Are you looking for a great start to your professional career? Ready to demonstrate that you have the skills to succeed?

    During this full-time, paid internship in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you will be fully trained on one of our tax software products. This training covers relevant tax law and applicable network and computer operating systems used in public accounting firms.

    You will help our customers with a variety of questions as they utilize Thomson Reuters software during their tax season. They will rely on you for answers to questions that include computer operations and peripherals, tax preparation, law and taxation theory, and other tax return preparation issues. In short, you’ll help to turn complexity into clarity on a daily basis.

    Over one-third of our business technology interns have continued their career with Thomson Reuters as full-time employees. This is a prime opportunity to showcase yourself as a professional and contribute to a global organization.

    Apply to the Business Technology Internship


    We’re looking for:

    • Exposure to accounting fundamentals. (Have you had a tax class? That’s a plus!)
    • Understanding of computer basics. (Have you done PC troubleshooting for friends or work?)
    • Ability to explain things clearly and provide instruction. (Have you been a tutor or conducted training? Another plus!)
    • A desire to help others. (Have you worked in customer service before and enjoyed it?)
    • A strong work ethic. (Already learned how to juggle work and school?)
    • Experience with tax or accounting software and bilingual English/Spanish (also a plus).
    • Full-time availability from January through mid-April.


    Apply online.

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