Information Management Analyst – Essentia Health

Information Management Analyst
Duluth, MN
Regular Full-Time
8:00 am
4:30 pm
Salary commensurate with experience
Job Summary: Provides understanding of the data in the organization, performing analysis and report writing with key sets of information from the EPIC Clarity data models, HBOC, Caduceus, and multiple other systems throughout the organization. Analysis includes business and operational understanding, quality improvement measures and development, and a broad spectrum of patient activity. Analysts work extensively with clients to understand business and process flows to develop reports that manage their business requirements. Delivery systems include Business Objects Enterprise (Crystal Reports, WebI Intelligence, BI Universes). Activities also include statistical analysis, data mining, extensive graphing, and development of new methods of reporting. Work performed in a team environment with understanding and application of the key components of quality improvement, strong customer service skills, and ability to work closely with management throughout the organization. Position requires high level of customer service skills to establish and enhance positive relationships with patients, co-workers, and others. Education/Experience:Bachelor’s degree  and minimum of 2 years experience in data development, data analysis, and report programming OR Associate’s Degree and minimum of 5 years experience in data development, data analysis, and report programming.


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