Internship Fair – The Nerdery

Are you an aspiring nerd who’d benefit from a bit more seasoning? Looking to pad your resume by establishing nerd cred? Not sure you’re ready to hold your own with the grizzled veterans and living legends that work full-time at The Nerdery? Wanna try before you buy into a full-fledged Nerdery career? Tired of these questions?
If “yes” or even “maybe” to any of this, please consider applying for a Nerdery internship. You’ll make next to nothing but you’ll stand to gain valuable experience – the kind that might just land you a full-time Nerdery gig.
The Nerdery has launched a summer internship program for students and professionals looking to enter the interactive development field by pursuing paid internships.
Nerdery interns will serve nine-week stints from June 13 through August 12. While some formal training will be provided, most of the learning will come through mentorship from working alongside Nerdery staff on real projects. Nerdery interns will also work as a team to tackle an internal Nerdery project.
Intern candidates may submit their resume and cover letter at a Nerdery-hosted reception on March 7 from 6-8 p.m. during which aspiring Future Nerds can meet Nerdery staff and decision-makers regarding paid internships in these areas:
· Development (at least two internship positions)
· Software project management
· User experience (candidates should bring design portfolio)
· Quality assurance
· Solutions engineering (candidates should bring technical writing samples)
· Marketing
· Sales

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