Web Developer – Menards

Job ID: 12271
Job Title: Web Developer
Organization Name: Menards
Wage/Salary: Competitive
Employment Start Date: 10/12/2010
Job Description: POSITION SUMMARY:
The Web Developer is a full-time position that works with Menards Internet and Intranet applications. The position requires a highly motivated, team-oriented person with excellent communication skills with an emphasis in JAVA development.

* Development & Support:
• Use JAVA to develop and maintain current, as well as estimate and contract new applications for Menards stores and external web applications
• Work with the stores, Help Desk and technical support Team Members to troubleshoot problems
• Meet with Users to evaluate customer satisfaction
• Maintain an in-depth knowledge of the User’s operations to facilitate communication regarding User’s requirements
• Actively participate in developing program specifications, writing code, testing and implementing program changes and program development
• Develop test plans and thoroughly test and debug all programs prior to implementation
• Work closely with Team Leaders and Project Managers in providing timeline and task information through analysis based on a proposed project scope
• Troubleshoot problems as they arise

* Project Standards and Procedures:
• Follow all Corporate Standards and IS Systems Standards to develop and support projects
• Provide input to IS Standards if existing standards require modifications or changes
• Constantly monitor work to ensure the highest level of quality

* Production Issues:
• Identify problem trends pro-actively
• Execute action plans
• Follow established process for problem handling or resolution

* Security and Confidentiality:
• Maintain information confidentiality and security
• Protect and prevent unauthorized attempts to obtain corporate information
• Report all unauthorized incidents to the management

* Other:
• Suggest and recommend better ways of improving the quality of work within a team
• Other tasks as assigned by Internet/Store SystemsTeam Leader or Manager
• Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in a Computer Science, Computer Programming or MIS related field
Equivalent work experience
• Knowledge of JAVA programming language including JSPs, Servlets, EJBs, Struts, Object Oriented Design is required
• Familiarity with XML, Macromedia’s Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop is preferred
• Excellent design and analytical skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to work independently, as well as cooperate with others in team efforts
• Must work within designated normal office hours assigned or required by work
• Must be able to work overtime and weekends as needed
Application Instructions: To apply:

Apply by mail:
5101 Menard Dr.
Eau Claire, WI

Apply On-line:

Email resumes:
On-line Application Address : menards.com

Posting Information
Job Location: Eau Claire, WI
Job Category:
Programming/Software Development
Position Type:
Full-time Entry Level
Applicant Type:
Minimum GPA:
Graduation Start:
Graduation End:
*Post Date: 2/22/2011
*Expiration Date: 3/25/2011

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