Onsite Visit of Essentia Health on Tuesday March 8th

The Northland Technology Consortium (NTC), is proud to offer an On-Site Visit of Essentia Health on Tuesday March 8th for CS/CIS/MIS/IT students. Students from CSS, LSC, UMD, UWS and WITC interested in computing careers are encouraged to attend.

Please keep in mind that we are guests at these businesses, business casual dress is recommended (no hoodies, jerseys, ripped jeans).  Also, take advantage of this time, often the business owners themselves are hosting or presenting at these visits.  This visit gives you a leg up on any other person applying.  While they submit a resume online or get a minute with a HR rep at a Job Fair, you get to speak with decision makers in person.

We’ll meet at 3:15pm @


Miller Dwan Auditorium located on the first floor of the Miller Dwan Building at

502 East 2nd Street.

Attendees may park in the parking ramp (the entrance is off of 2nd street) or at any available parking meter located around the entire campus. Both parking areas do require a small fee.

There is limited space available so RSVP as soon as possible. This will be a great opportunity for students to learn more about organizations right here in the Northland.

Feel free to contact  education@northlandtechnology.org for specific questions and Click here to RSVP

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