Information Technology Coordinator – Minnesota Council of Churches

Job ID: 11704
Job Title: Information Technology Coordinator
Organization Name: Minnesota Council of Churches
No of Openings: 1
Hours per Week: 40
Wage/Salary: 32,160
Employment Start Date: ASAP
Supervisor: Director of Finance and Facilities



ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND: The Minnesota Council of Churches links together more than 1 million people of faith to build the common good. The Council’s program areas include building interfaith relationships, public policy advocacy, and refugee resettlement. A premiere statewide council of churches, MCC is constituted by its 24 member Mainline Protestant, Historical Black Church, and Orthodox regional denominational offices.

Work with the Director of Finance and Facilities (DFF) to maintain a reliable LAN, VM Ware networks, file servers and internet access and to keep all information technology in good working order at the lowest cost in money and time.

• Coordinate the daily backup of all computer files, daily tape swap, schedule and retention plan, and offsite rotation.
• Work with supervisor to develop annual technology plans and incidental technology solutions with a focus on cost containment and minimal outside support requirements.
• Maintain duplicate records of all purchases of computer related costs, and compile a concise annual report on these costs that can be produced at the end of each fiscal year.
• Maintain secure records of all internet domain names and certificate renewal and management, usernames and passwords.
• Maintain secure, accurate documentation of all server, network and workstation setups including passwords and other access codes.
• Maintain domain names, certificate renewal and management, and email accounts, exchange server and Barracuda Spam filter, with MCC’s Internet Service Provider.
• Document ongoing maintenance to database as well as any future conversion to Access maintaining high security (i.e. SSN’s, Green Card/Alien numbers, and possible credit cards, in accordance with Minnesota Law).
• Coordinate current year’s budget, and projections for future needs.
• Provide assistance in any other technology area as assigned.

• Maintain Mitel 3300 phone system and data network, system updates, maintaining backups, trouble shooting and repair.
• Maintain billing system, tracking additions and deletions to system, and long distance charges.
• Maintain inventory of physical phone equipment, licenses and mailbox licenses, as well as, setting up work stations any additions or moves and miscellaneous programming.
• Maintain current and up to date building emergency contact system email and phone distribution/paging lists making certain emergency paging list is always current.

• Coordinate any connectivity issues related to MCC’s access to the internet.
• Resource staff needs for external events or internal needs beyond building equipment, equipment pool, training, rental, setup and inventory.
• Maintain IT support for building clients/tenants; track billable services.
• Document and maintain all hardware and cabling infrastructure relating to cable locations, switches, related configurations, clean up and remove obsolete equipment as assigned.
• Coordinate Windows Service Updates Services (WSUS) – software updates to work stations.
• Coordinate Licenses – track and comply with software agreements.

• Maintain network and remote access to security cameras; assist with any transfer to DVD and data file and images as needed.
• Maintain security and parking card access software up ages, maintain synchronization with database.
• Coordinate plans for disaster recovery and business continuity.

• Coordinate A/V rental for meetings, including setup, testing, inventory, usage documentation, training and instructions, recommend any updates, repairs or replacement of screens and audio equipment in assembly rooms.
• Provide A/V services including PowerPoint production services to tenants when possible.

Accountable to the Director of Finance and Facilities.

COMPENSATION: Salary range of $32,160 – $48,240. This is a non-exempt, full-time position. Benefits include medical and dental insurance for the employee, life/LTD insurance, pension, sick leave, vacation, and holiday benefits as provided by MCC Human Resources Policy.

Qualifications: QUALIFICATIONS
Education –
High school graduate (or equivalent); combination of some college or other post-secondary training and experience in field to equal a minimum of two years required.
Equivalent to a BA/BS with an emphasis in Information Systems or a closely related field and one year of related work experience preferred.

Experience –
• Able to/experience with maintaining workstations and servers.
• Able to/experience with administering and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Microsoft Office 2003 and various end-user software suites.
• Competence with computer systems; and a variety of applications, including word processing and data base.
• Experience with Internet/E-mail.
• Experience with LAN configuration, administration and troubleshooting.
• Competence with Gateway, network, client, and user security and administration
• Demonstrated ability to assume responsibility for an assigned task with minimal supervision.
• Ability to handle administrative details.
• Consistently produce quality work.
• Able to administer an established back-up policy, including periodically testing to ensure disaster recovery capability.
• Experience working with outside resources such as ISPs, product vendors, service providers, contract and temporary employees.
• Project coordination skills including the ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.
• Ability to problem solve while working effectively with people from varying backgrounds, both technical and non-technical.
• Effective oral and written communication skills, strong organizational skills.
• Familiarity with and sensitivity to the constituency of the MCC including diverse religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.
• Consent to and pass criminal background check.

Minnesota Council of Churches, 122 West Franklin Ave #100, Minneapolis MN 55404
Phone: 612-230-3204 / FAX: 612-870-3622 /

The Minnesota Council of Churches is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

On-line Application Address :

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