Web Development Intern – Ad Thinkers/Dot Different

Ad Thinkers/Dot Different is looking for a student to migrate data to/from a Linux (Unix) dedicated managed server.  This internship will be paid.


We need to move web sites and corresponding email accounts. There are about 4 custom A Records, 6 subdomains, and one tricky CMS (content management system) to move. The CMS may prove challenging as it is an installed software platform called “Constructioner”.

All movement of content is pretty straight forward and something we could do ourselves but we are short on time. Some oversight on our part is definitely available but we wish to have an intern that has good problem solving skills in web applications. Knowledge of HTML, PHP, DHTML, POP3 email systems, familiarity with port addresses and the sometimes idiosyncratic nature of SMTP/POP3 configuration in Outlook Express, Outlook, and Thunderbird is a must. This position has the potential for an ongoing part time position with possibility of full time work at some future point, but this is not guaranteed. It would depend on student’s desire for a position, their performance, and our work load demands.

Ongoing work would (after server migration is complete) include some manipulation of PHP, uploading HTML content, configuring new email accounts, and implementing social media. We also have a need for some light duty network administrative duties: protecting router with passwords, set up of new work stations, more efficient access of file server, password protection of portions of file server, and management of 2 hot swappable raid 01 drive banks, etc.

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